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karingermeRelaxation of the abdominal skin of women, who give birth, causes sagging in the thighs and legs.

We are using the most recent concept of tummy tuck "high lateral tension abdominoplasty" and we get successful results.

We decide on the shape of your belly together and do our surgery drawings according to your bikini.

Women and men with loose skin and fat in the abdominal area will benefit from aesthetic tummy tuck surgery. Sometimes the structure of the abdomen may run in the family. Sometimes the relaxation of the abdomen may be caused by rapid weight loss. Abdominal wall muscles may be weakened after giving birth and may also be estranged from each other. Tummy tuck surgery can eliminate the birth lines and the cracks at the bottom of the tummy.

Tummy tuck surgery will correct your body feature and will provide you a tense and flat stomach. After this intervention, you will be comfortable in your clothes and your confidence will increase.