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memebuyutmeIf you have asymmetrical, undeveloped breasts or if your breasts lost volume after lactation, you are a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

We'll carry out the selection of prosthesis according to your breast structure, chest and soft tissue thickness before the operation together. A breast specialist and a radiologist will examine your existing breast tissue before the operation.

After the surgery, you can come home, start working in two or three days.

Your breasts may not be in the desired size after period of development. One breast may be less developed than the other. Maybe you were happy with your breasts in the past, but now you think that they look different each other. It is possible that they lost their fullness after you lost a lot of weight, conceived children or as a natural result of aging. In all these cases, breast augmentation surgery with implants can provide for a body in harmony with breasts in the correct shape and dimensions.

Am I a Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

If you have one of these complaints given below, you can be a good candidate for aesthetic breast augmentation surgery;

  • If you suffer from small breasts,
  • If the clothes, well-fitting on your buttocks, look too small for the chest region,
  • If you have trouble wearing bikinis and sportswear,
  • If your breast have lost their fullness or become smaller after giving birth,
  • If the shape and size of your breast have changed after losing weight,
  • If one breast is significantly smaller than the other.

Deciding on the operation

Your plastic surgeon will examine your breasts before surgery, and maybe he/she will take some photos. Volume and shape of your breasts, your skin and the structure and location of nipples will be examined. If your breasts are low, a lift surgery is also recommended along with the breast prostheses. Your general health status, drug allergies, operations-for example breast biopsy- until that day will be inquired.

There is no scientific data indicating that Breast prosthesis increases the risk of breast cancer. However, special techniques may be required for breasts with prosthesis during mammography . Breast prosthesis does not prevent pregnancy and nursing is always possible. Breast prosthesis does not create any difficulties during self-examination of breasts.


The surgery should be performed in a hospital and is usually performed under general anesthesia. The prosthesis is placed behind an incision in the breast tissue surrounding the nipple. It can also be placed with an incision under the breast or armpit. The area of prosthesis can be prepared in front or behind the chest muscle. A little dressing is made after surgery and bra is worn. It is possible to return home the same day. You can return to work within two or three days, participate in all sports activities within three weeks.

After the operation

During the 3 subsequent weeks before surgery, aspirin should not be taken due to the incremental effect on bleeding.

What type of prosthesis should be used?

Prostheses may vary depending upon the characteristics of content, shape and surface. Prostheses, filled inside with saline or silicone gel, are widely used. Geometric shapes can be round or a similar to the shape of a drop. Surfaces of the breast prostheses may be smooth or textured. Each has different features, advantages and disadvantages. When choosing the most suitable replacement for you, your plastic surgeon will take into consideration the anatomical structure and the shape of your existing breast and your requests. Please do not forget that health insurance do not cover this type of procedures.

Selection of the plastic surgeon is very important. After breast augmentation surgeries, varried out by an experienced plastic surgeon in hospitals with modern equipment, bleeding, infection, delayed wound healing or asymmetry are very rare. Breast prosthesis is surrounded by the body like a shell. In case of fibrotic thickening of the shell, prosthesis may be relocated and, though rarely, it may need to be replaced .

Breast augmentation surgery provides you with fuller breasts with a regular shape. This initiative, very common all around the world, will strengthen your self confidence and help you to dress differently.