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Prof. Dr. Cemal Senyuva was born in Istanbul in 1960. He attended Ankara Cumhuriyet High School and graduated as a doctor from Istanbul Medical Faculty in 1983. He began his plastic surgery residency at Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine in 1986 where he became a specialist in 1992 and Associate Professor in 1997. He taught in the same clinic between 1997-2000. In 2007 Dr. Senyuva became a Professor of Plastic Surgery in Duzce University Medical Faculty, where he served as the head of the Plastic Surgery Department until 2011.

During his early career, Dr. Senyuva worked as Chef de Clinique at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire in Tours, France (1994). He worked as a visiting doctor with Dr. Darina Krastinova at the Foch Hospital in Paris (1994). During 1997 and 1999 he was a visiting surgeon in Paris with Dr. Cornette de St. Cyr, Dr. Patrick Trevidic, Dr. Jean-Claude Dardour, and Dr. Eric Auclair. He was a visiting professor at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, USA, in 1999. In 2001 and 2002 he was a visiting surgeon at Dr. Aysel Sanderson’s plastic surgery clinic in Seattle, USA.

Dr. Senyuva was the Head of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department at Memorial Hospital, Istanbul, between 2000-2003. He was a staff surgeon at Istanbul Surgery Hospital between 2003-2007. After serving as the Head of of Duzce University’s Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department between 2007-2011, he started working full time in his own private clinic, Istanbul Center. Dr. Senyuva continues to work at his practice today as well as giving lectures, presentations, and leading workshops in Turkey and around the world.

Dr. Senyuva is an expert and a clinical trainer of Ultrasonic (VASER) liposuction surgery, on which he organizes 3-4 workshops a year. To this day, he has trained over thirty international plastic surgeons in theoretical and hands-on advanced ultrasonic liposuction. Dr. Senyuva is also an International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) professor, leading instructional courses throughout the year for the ISAPS Educational Council as part of their visiting professorship program. His recent experience includes but is not limited to performing a live operation at ISAPS El Salvador (2016), two live operations at the German Plastic Surgery Conference “Plastische Chirurgie: Kümmern, Kurieren - und Kommerz?” in Kassel, Germany (2016), three live surgeries as an invited professor leading an instructional course at the Pukhet Plastic Surgery Institute (2016), a live face lift surgery as an ISAPS visiting professor in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (2016), and a live surgery in Linz, Austria (2015).

Dr. Senyuva is an annual speaker at Global Aesthetic Meetings in Miami, USA, and American-Brazilian Meetings (ABAM) in Utah, USA, and Brazil. The most recent conferences Dr. Senyuva was a speaker at include ISAPS Taiwan (2015), the Brazilian-European Synergy’s Reshaping the Body Conference in Belgrade, Serbia (2015), XXI Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad Peruana de Cirugia y Reconstructiva in Lima, Peru (2016), ISAPS World Congress in Kyoto, Japan (2016), "A New Horizon in Plastic Surgery" Triangle Plastic Surgical Conference Combined with Annual Meeting of ThPRS and ThSAPS in Hua Hin, Thailand (2016), and the German-Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting "Surf and Curve” in Munich, Germany (2016).
He gave three presentations at the XIX International Course of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and III Symposium ISAPS in Cali, Columbia (2016). He is scheduled to present at the ISAPS course in Amman, Jordan, and at the Global Aesthetic Meeting in Miami, USA, this year.

In 2007, Dr. Senyuva has published his book “VASER Abdominoplasty” in English and in Turkish. He has written book chapters in Omphaloplasty (Ed. William Murillo, 2017) and Body Contouring and Liposuction (Ed. Peter Rubin, 2016). He translated chapters from Grabb and Smith’s Plastic Surgery (6th edition).

Dr. Senyuva is an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASPS), Société Française des Chirurgiens Esthetiques Plasticiens (SOFCEP), and ISAPS. He is a past Board Member and a current member of the Turkish Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association (TPRECD), and current President of the Turkish Society of Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Senyuva currently serves as the Chair of the Turkish Plastic Surgery Foundation.

Academic and administrative tasks

17th TPRECD National Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Congress, Member of the Organizing Committee, 20-25 September 1995, Kyrenia

TPRECD Winter Symposium, Secretary General, 21-25 March 1999, Kartalkaya

TPRECD Executive Committee, 1997-1999

TPRECD Ethics Committee Member, 2000-2001

1999-2000 Member of the Academic Council, University of Istanbul Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine

National Congress of Society of Aesthetic Surgery, Bodrum, June 1999, the Secretary-General

14th Congress of ISAPS, 26-29 May 2002, Istanbul, Organizing Committee Member

Vice President of Society of Aesthetic Surgery, during 2003-2004, 2005-2006 and 2009-2010 periods

Interplast Turkey Member of the Board of Directors 2004

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Head of Department

He worked as an intern in 1982 at the American Hospital of Paris and in 1983 at the Bichat and Bretonneau Hospital in Paris.

He served as assistant at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in Scotland during 1988-1989, .

In 1994, he worked as Chef de Clinique at the CHU hospital, Tours, France, he worked with Dr. Darina Krastinova the same year in Paris, at the Foch Hospital.

In 1997 and 1999, he worked in Paris with St.Cyr Cornette, Patrick Trevidic, Jean-Claude Dardour, worked with Eric Auclair.

He was at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore in 1999 as a visiting professor .

In 2001 and 2002, He was in Seattle, USA at the Dr. Found Sanderson's clinic