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We spend our time mostly outdoors now a days. We are subjected to more sun during holidays and we are exposed to wind and cold, while we are doing sports. Signs of wear and aging starts to appear much earlier on our face. We are more concerned with the body as a natural result of this; we want smooth breasts, legs and a flat stomach.

Our team is at your service for anything you may want in terms of plastic surgery. Our clinic is equipped according to the most advanced Technologies in our field to get the most successful results. We have created a team of experts, enabling us to carry out all our operations safely. Our goal is to satisfy and make you feel as comfortable as possible for the time, you spent with us. We have double-checked our operational protocols; so that you can get back to your relatives, your home and your work as soon as possible.

We believe that it is neccessary to carry out a comprehensive research and a plan and that interventions and treatments should be done carefully by your surgeon and that he should understand, exactly what you are expecting, before carrying out aesthetic surgery procedures, and that a caring and attentive follow-up program should be provided. Our policy is to be always at your side, to be honest with you and to remain loyal to the Hippocratic oath. We believe that in order to become a Doctor, we have to be reachable. We recognize the need to create enough time for you at every stage of our relationship.

We follow the advancements in the field of aesthetic surgery worldwide very closely, we often attend to conferences abroad, and we visit friends in America and France at our mutual clinics, we exchange knowledge and experience. Our way of life is to always provide the best service for you.

We know that you are curious about certain subjects, and we will be very happy to meet you and answer all your questions.