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yuzgenclestirmeWe eliminate forehead wrinkles, sagging eyebrows and deep creases around the eyes; we repair the sagging of face and neck ; we make fat insertions to the decreased fat tissue, we fix your cheek bones and chin lines, and we rejuvenate your skin against the signs of aging.

Sometimes we use closed techniques (endoscopic) and at times we use laser during operations. We make a special plan to give you a more youthful more and attractive appearance. You return back to your house in a very short time and sometimes even at the same day .

Aging of the face is inevitable. Over the years, the skin of the face and neck start to loosen, wrinkles, called "crow's feet" appear on the edges of your eyes. Fine wrinkles on the forehead start to deepen even more. Sagging appears on the edges of the jaw; jowl start to appear under the chin, like a second chin; and longitudinal bands become visible on the neck. Genetic characteristics, personal habits, exposure to gravity and to sun for long hours are the main factors that affect the aging of the face. As the old population continues to increase, the demand in face lift operation increases as well.

If you are wondering about face rejuvenation, widely known as face lift or just lifting in English, medically known as rhytidectomy, how much it will help you gain more self-esteem, you have to know how the surgeries are carried out and what to expect from these operations.

It is very important for a successful aesthetics, that the plastic surgeon and the patient understand each other very well. Realistic expectations and trust on the dominance and experience of the plastic surgeon should be established at the first meeting. Your surgeon should be able to give satisfying answers to the questions regarding the details you would expect from face lift.

Am I a good candidate for Face Lift Surgery?

Like all aesthetic surgeries, having no health problems and having realistic expectations is essential. It is important to understand that the results, which may be achieved by face lift may be limited, and it is also important to be mentally stable. There is no ideal template for the entire face. Main idea is to provide a better facial look. Skin structure, ethnic features, skin elasticity, facial bone structure should be examined with a realistic approach before the surgery. This operation may be done in the eighties and sometimes it may be even in the thirties. Face lift surgery can not stop aging, or take the time back. Facelifting will help you look younger, better and healthier. The positive result, we experience after the surgery, is the increase in the person's self-confidence.

You can discuss the need for additional initiatives in the neck and/or chin area before deciding on facelift surgery, with your plastic surgeon. Many patients also ask for the -liposuction- to be done on the neck and face. To achieve best results, it may be necessary to make corrections in several locations.

Deciding on the operation

It is very important to choose an expert and an experienced plastic surgeon. During the first examination, your plastic surgeon will evaluate your face step by step and will determine the properties of your skin structure, skin color and elasticity. The photos, taken, will help your plastic surgeon to work on them later on. Risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking habits, tendency for cicatrix, clotting will be asked. Your surgeon will ask about your medical history and try to gain as much information as possible about your mental and psychological state. It is essential to have realistic expectations for a successful outcome of the surgery, hence, your plastic surgeon will explain you the procedure and his expectations.

Once you have decided on the surgery and the techniques to be applied with your surgeon, he/she will provide you information about the anesthetic technique, other additional procedures, the risks of surgery, at which hospital, the surgery will be made, and the budget.


Surgery begins with incisions on the temporal area, in front of the ear, to be hidden in the ear canal , which is made under the earlobe on the scalp behind the ears. Your plastic surgeon lifts the deeper layers of the muscles and face; removes the excess fat and by lifting the skin, the excess tissue will me eliminated. The marks will be concealed within the natural facial lines.

After the removal of the excessive skin, the incisions are closed with thin and elegant stitches. It is not necessary to shave or to shorten the hair during surgery. The surgery is completed between 3 to 5 hours under normal conditions. When your procedure is completed, a bandage is gently be placed.

After the surgery

There may be a slight pain after surgery, this can be controlled with painkillers, taken orally. A little bit of swelling and bruising is normal and it can be minimized with cold compress application. The bandage and dressing is taken out the day after surgery. Your plastic surgeon will advise you to keep your head high, limit your daily activities and inform him/her about every problem. Despite the fact that a large number of facelift surgeries are carried out, there are some risks as well as any surgical intervention.

The tubes, which may be present after the surgery, will be removed within 24 hours after the operation, the sutures are removed within 5 to 7 days. Post-operative support of family and friends will be helpful.

Though the recovery takes about 2-3 weeks, the person can go back to work within 10 days. The marks will mature after a while and fade. Marks, hidden in the natural face lines, can also be masked with make-up. The tightness, felt on the face after the operation, will decrease immediately in the next weeks. Also, keep in mind that aging will continue after the operation.

Facial plastic surgery practices will help to correct the symptoms of premature aging and to re-gain your self confidence.

Health insurances will not cover procedures for aesthetic purposes only. Surgeries for genetic deformities or sequelae, formed after injuries, are totally or partially covered by the health insurance.

Patients, who have had aesthetic surgeries on their face, eye area and neck area, but who are unhappy with the results, should not be sad. Touch-ups or comprehensive procedures to make it better can always be re-done. Second and even third facelift operations are made all over the world in growing numbers.