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gozkapagiestetigiEyelid lift can tuck the excess skin and reduce puffiness. Your tired look is replaced with a well rested look. This takes abıut one ot two hours most of the time and you can go home immediately afterwards.

Sometimes laser resurfacing, eyebrow lift or temple lift may be required to get the best results. Don't forget that a private plan is required for each different person.

Each year, 100 000 men and women, around the world, get their eye lids done in order to change their image. Sagging eyelids makes you look older than you are and they limit your eyesight. Eye lid lift, medically known as blepharoplasty, will help you get rid of the puffiness and fat under your eyes, while eliminating all these problems. This procedure does not effect the rings and wrinkles and does not fix low eyebrow problems. Though aesthetic eyelid surgeries are generally done alone, your surgeon may suggest you additional procedures such as eyebrow lift, facial lift or skin rejuvenation to achieve successful result.

If you are wondering about how eyelid lift would affect your looks, you have to familiarize yourself with the procedure.

It is very important for a successful aesthetics, that the plastic surgeon and the patient understand each other very well. Realistic expectations and trust on the dominance and experience of the plastic surgeon should be established at the first meeting. Your surgeon should be able to give satisfying answers to the questions regarding the details you would expect from eye lid lift.

Am I a Good Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?

Like all aesthetic surgeries, having no health problems and having realistic expectations is essential. Blepharoplasty extracts the puffiness in the upper and lower eyelid, and disrupts the muscles and skin. The result is a more vibrant and youthful appearance.

Your plastic surgeon may also recommend additional procedures such as eyebrow lift for low eyebrows, face lift and rejuvenation for the wrinkles around the eye.

Deciding on operation

Whether the operation, to be applied, is solely functional or for cosmetic purposes, the selection of your plastic surgeon is very important. The patient must carefuly comply both with the pre-and postoperative warnings of the plastic surgeon.

Questions, about your vision, eye dryness, contact lens usage and expectations, will be asked during pre-operative examination. Your plastic surgeon will explain to you, what he/she is expecting from the blepharoplasty, and will go through your medical history. Your age, your skin's structure, race features and problems in your vision will be important factors. Moreover, for a successful outcome, there will an information exchange, which is based on honesty, between you and your plastic surgeon during this initial examination.

After the procedure to be applied to you is planned, your surgeon will provide you information about anesthesia, surgery, hospital, budget and he/she will discuss the risks of the surgery.


Plastic surgeon first of all defines the natural lines and curves on the upper eye lid to hide the surgical marks. After cutting, the puffiness is reduced and excess muscle and skin are removed. In order to minimize the scars, elegant and fine sutures are provided.

The incision on the lower eyelid is made exactly on the root of the lashes and therefore the marks are hidden. The puffiness is reduced and excess muscle and skin are removed; elegant and fine sutures are provided. If the problem in the eye is only the puffiness, the incision can be made also inside the lower eyelid. Under normal circumstances, the operation takes one to two hours

After the operation

When the operation is finished, eye ointment and cold compresses can be applied to the suture lines. Eye drops are used to prevent drying out. Post-operative swelling and bruising will occur in some extent. Keeping the head elevated and cold compresses will accelerate healing and increase comfort.

Tearing and stinging feeling may occur in the eyes for a week might be. You can use recommended eye drops and eye ointments and clean the area around the eyes. Your plastic surgeon will inform you on physical activity and environmental conditions during this week. Sutures are removed within 4-5 days.

Facial plastic surgery practices will help you to correct the symptoms of premature aging and re-gain your self confidence

Health insurances will not cover eye lid procedures for aesthetic purposes only. Surgeries for genetic deformities, injuries, eyesight problems are totally or partially covered by the health insurance.

Patients, who have had eye lid aesthetic surgeries, but who are unhappy with the results, should not be sad. Touch-ups or comprehensive procedures to make it better can always be re-done.